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Caesar - Lifesupport

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Shoot it like a gun
   For you\'ve never been so wrong
   You\'ve been taken it too far
   Only out to survive
   And it\'s heavy to endure
   Yeah we need a lifesupport
   And every single day,
   Came as it was
   And it\'s only fair to say,
   Leave me out for a while
   Cause it\'s heavy to endure
   You\'re way beyond repair
   And the price you have to pay
   Seems a bit too high for me
   I will never ever blame you
   Are only out to survive
   It\'s too heavy to endure
   Even harder to ignore
   But I ain\'t got no medicine
   No I ain\'t got no medicine
   You see you\'re a setting sun
   Only out to survive
   Cause it\'s heavy to endure
   We need a lifesupport

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