Caedmon's Call - Masquerade

Tekst piosenki:

On an open stretch of freeway
   Underneath the canvas clouds
   The blackness after evening
   Swallowed everything around
   But just up head on the open horizon
   We caught the faintest glow
   And as we drew near
   it seemed so clear that the dark would have to go
   In the center of the city
   Comes the illusion of the day
   When everything looks pretty
   It's easy to think you've found the way
   But it's all just a big masquerade
   It was thirty-six months earlier
   On that same old lonesome road
   And that same old darkness lingered
   Just before the lightning show
   nAd the thunder cracked down
   And His lightning conquered everything around
   That dark had to flee
   Now the light of the little town
   Was as dark as the night compared to the light

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