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Bueno - What's that Sound

Tekst piosenki:

What makes missiles out of men
  What makes better politics
  Ensures a rich economy
  Makes good on life long threats
  It's a strange concoction, one part plutonium
  One part a lot of paranoia, cannibals slash congressmen
  It's people vs. people, a bout of you and me
  It's business here as usual, our business being greed
  What's that sound-it's the sound of a global market
  To the tune of the modern age
  It's the fuel that drives investments-burning
  It's the biggest industry, somethings in the air
  The climate is set and all the news on tv
  Ensures that you see what they want you to see
  While it's publicly funded, it's privately waged
  And the good advertisement is the one that misleads
  A broadcast fumble with his word up there
  In patriotic practiced stare
  A tele-prompted puppet for the people
  The president in literate sencerity
  The fucking chap can read
  And a boast of reassurance we can launch it overseas
  So we did, it caters to the comedy, caesura sera and so it is
  What's that sound-it's the sound of american interests
  Sung to the geo-political means
  It's everything assuring, it's national unyeilding security
  The forties bore a grand design
  Leo and Ed wrote a letter to Al and Al persuaded FDR
  Afraid the Germans would find it first,
  Frank wouldn't be second best
  So he gathered every scientist under Leslie Grove
  And when we left manhatten we were two nukes ahead
  The president said "this is flying colors, you gave us all and edge
  You have done your country service, nevermind your fellow man
  It's this sort of achievement that calls for demonstration
  A relevant reminder of whose finger's on the button"-so we did
  It caters to the comedy Caesura Sera, so it is
  What's that sound-It's the sound of an open market
  A cultural exchange
  The growning global family
  A fell good campaign
  What's that sound-It's the sound of american interests
  Sung to geo-political means
  It's the fuel that drives investments burning
  It's the drone of the machine
  What's that sound-It's the sound of a growing order
  It's a private tyranny
  It's a corporate threat to freedom
  And the rest of you and me.

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