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Bueno - Ours is a Path

Tekst piosenki:

All eyes fixed to a permanent setting, a brilliant blinding display,
  The onset of progress, a human betrayal,
  The world that we left in our wake.
  Find religion, it's every succession, in dead congregation, assume the position.
  And a prayer for the many and shiftless who cower in corners and make it all possible.
  There is a faith so inviting, it turns one away,
  A reason to feed upon others, a judgment that maims.
  But ours is a path, straight and thin, traveled by few,
  Led by the flame, lit within, heavy as stone, as boulders,
  Content to stand, stand on our own, as oceans, a steady mass,
  Ours is a dream, ours is united, by every (wo)man,
  Sure as an orbit we forward together without relent, no end.
  All eyes fixed to a permanent setting, fixed like a drug to the blood,
  A permanent course to the end of existence, setting on us like the sun,
  And the world is a stage for the opulent,
  A private performance, the rest of us audience,
  And a cheer for the many and shiftless who sit in the darkness and make it all possible,
  There is an empty assurance, a wealth that exceeds,
  So many dead in direction, to sighted to see,
  But ours is a path.... Sure as an orbit we're subject to nothing but this.

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