Teksty piosenek / B / Bruce Robison

  12 Bar blues

  Angry all the time

  Anymore good lovin

  Anyone but me

  Bed of ashes

  Blame it on me

  Can't get there from here


  Devil may care

  Don't you ever call my name

  Drivin all night long

  Emotionally gone

  End like that

  First thing about Mary

  Friendless marriage

  Go to your heart

  House of man

  I don't feel that way anymore

  I dream too

  It's gonna be easy

  Just married

  Lonely too

  Long way home from anywhere

  Match made in heaven

  My brother and me

  Not forgotten you

  Rayne, Louisiana

  Red letter day

  See you around

  She don't care


  Take it all out on you

  The good life


  Torn and tangled

  Travelin' soldier


  What did you think

  What would willie do

  When i loved you


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