Teksty piosenek / B / Brandtson

  12th & Middle

  Ain't No Trip To Cleveland

  Anything And Everything

  As You Wish


  Boys Lie

  Breaking Ground

  Bricks And Windows

  Cherokee Red

  Circa 1991

  Command Q, Command Z

  Days End

  Fighting Gravity

  Fireworks And Phonecalls

  Glutton For Tragedy

  Grace Thinks I'm A Failure

  Guest List

  In A Word

  In The Pills


  Leaving Ohio

  Little Rounder

  Long Walk Home

  Mark It A Zero

  New Favorite Pastime


  On Three

  Potential Getaway Driver

  Probably Nothing

  Round 13

  Shannon Said

  Sic Transit Gloria (Glory Fades)

  Some Kind Of Jet Pilot

  Still Life


  Summer In St. Claire

  The Rookie Year

  Things Look Brighter

  Waking Up To Yellow

  With Friends Like You

  Words For You

  You Do The Science

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