Teksty piosenek / B / Bracket

  2 Hot Dogs For 99 Cents


  867-5309 (Jenny)

  A Happy Song

  A Place In Time

  Back To Allentown


  Can't Make Me

  Circus Act

  Circus Act

  Closed Captioned

  Cool Aide

  Crash Diet

  Cynically Depressed

  Dodge Ball

  Don't Tell miss Fenley

  Drama Queen

  Eating Pie

  Eating Pie



  Everyone Is Telling Me I'll Never Win, If I Fall I

  Flea Market

  Flea Market

  Fresh Air

  Get It Rite

  Green Apples


  Happy To Be Sad




  Huge Balloon

  Imaginary Friend

  I Won't Mind

  John Wilkes Isolation Booth

  J. Weed

  Last Day Sunday


  Little Q & A

  Little Q & A (reprise)


  Me vs. The World

  Missing Link

  Mother To Blame

  My Stepson

  My Very Own Apple Tree

  No Brainer

  One More Hangover Day (Warren's Song pt. 7)





  Rod's Post

  Schmooze King

  Serena Hides

  Shadow Puppets

  Shoe Gazer

  Skanky Love Song


  Small Talk

  S.O.B. Story



  Speed Bump

  Speed Bump

  Stalking Stuffer


  Suicide Note

  Talk Show

  The Evil Bean

  Three Gardens


  Trailer Park

  Warren's Song Pt. 1

  Warren's Song Pt. 2

  Warren's Song pt. 3

  Warren's Song pt. 4

  Warren's Song pt.5

  Warren's Song Pt. 6

  Warren's Song Pt. 8

  Warren's Song Pt. 9

  Whatever Piper

  Why Should Eye


  Yoko Oh-No


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