Teksty piosenek / B / Boy Sets Fire

  65 Factory Outlets

  Across Five Years

  After The Eulogy

  After The Eulogy

  Another Badge Of Courage

  Bathory's Sainthood

  Bathory's Sainthood

  Bonus Track




  Chapter 1: Vehicle

  Chapter 2: In the wilderness....no one can hear yo

  Chapter 5: My Own Restrains

  Chapter 6: Resection

  Chapters 3: Endorsement

  Chapters 4: Blame (Live At Eleven):

  (Compasion) As Skull Fragments On The Wall


  Curtain Call

  Dying On Principle

  Eviction Article

  Fashion As A Weapon

  Fine Art Of Falling

  Foundations To Burn

  Full Color Guilt

  Handful of Redemption

  Handful of Redemption

  High Wire Escape Artist

  Holiday In Cambodia

  Hometown Report Card

  In Hope

  Last Year's Nest

  Loser Of The Year Award

  Management VS. Labor

  My Life In The Knife Trade

  On In Five

  Our Time Honored Tradition Of Cannabalism

  Pariah Under Glass



  Release the Dogs

  Release The Dogs



  Still Waiting For The Punchline


  The Abominations Of Those Virtuous

  The Force Majeure

  The Power Remains The Same

  The Tyranny Of What Everyone Knows


  Toy Gun Anthem

  Twelve Step Hammer Program

  Unspoken Request


  When Rhetoric Dies

  White Wedding Dress

  With Every Intention

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