Teksty piosenek / B / Blood For Blood

  Ain't Like You (Wasted Youth II)

  All Fucked Up

  Anywhere But Here (Maybe Someday)

  Bitch Called Hope

  Can't Heal

  Chaos (In Your Face)

  Cheap Wine

  Dead End Street

  Die Laughing

  Eulogy For A Dream

  Evil In The Brain


  Goin Down The Bar

  Hurt You

  I Am The Enemy


  Last Call....... Fuck You

  Livin' In Exile

  Love Song


  Mother Dear

  My Time Is Yet To Come

  Nothing For You

  No Tomorrow

  Paper Gangster

  Piss All Over Your Hopes And Dreams

  Redemption Denied

  Revenge On Society

  Shut My Eyes Forever

  So Common, So Cheap

  Some Kind Of Hate


  Spit My Last Breath

  Still Fucked Up

  Tear Out My Eyes

  The Strain

  Waiting For The Moment

  Wasted Youth Crew (My Kind Belong Nowhere)

  White Trash Anthem

  'Ya Still A Paper Gangster

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