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Blindside - In The Air Of Truth

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I'm waiting for You
  Until you give my spirit wings
  I'm waiting for You
  Until winter breaks into spring
  In the air of truth I held up my bruised spirit
  For everybody to see
  So no one can drag me away from this place
  Before You heal it
  For my soul to breathe only before thee
  Let me hear it once again
  Silent thunder shake me
  I will wait forever if that's what it takes for me to hear and see
  So they can go ahead and say that I swallowed the bait
  And I'll still sick around Your precious voice, yes I will wait
  So let me glow like I was new
  Pure as if this was where it all should have begun
  If I could I would give more then I have to You
  As I've walked this night
  Your hand guides the morning sun
  A chance to breathe

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