Teksty piosenek / B / Blindside


  About a burning fire

  Across Waters

  Across waters again


  After you're gone

  All of us

  As You Walk


  Caught A Glimpse

  Coming Back To Life

  Cute Boring Love


  Die buying

  Empty Box

  Eye of the storm

  Follow you down

  Hooray, it's L.A

  In Black

  In The Air Of Truth


  Irrelevant Thoughts

  King Of The Closet

  Knocking On Another Door


  Life Cure


  My Mother's Only Son

  Nara (Close)



  Nothing But Skin

  One Mind






  She Shut Your Eyes



  Silver Speak







  The Endings

  This Shoulder

  Thought Like Flames

  Time Will Change Your Heart


  Vow Of Silence

  Walking Home

  Where Eye Meets Eye

  Where the sun never dies

  You Can Hide It

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