Blind Melon - The Duke

Tekst piosenki:

Out here in nothin' engulfed by the sea
  And there's no one here 'cept these fishes and me
  I think I could die here
  Then I'm hit, leveled hard by the rising tide
  Oh, I'm hit hard by the tide,
  I'm just livid,
  All alone
  Sunny, so funny, not funny to me because,
  I'm bearing the scars from it burning on me
  But I feel so revived, just sittin', here thinkin'
  Then I'm hit hard, really hard by the tide
  I'm hit hard by the tide, I'm just livid
  And I'm livin'
  Yeah, I'm hit hard by the tide
  I'm livid, livid
  Hard by the tide I'm livin'

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