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Blind Melon - Seed To A Tree

Tekst piosenki:

As I shit, I sit and wonder why
  My floor is so cold and my back broken tired
  But life is good, even though it won't be long
  With a candle comes emotions that
  Dance with the shadows on my wall
  What were you thoughts, as they
  Were flying through your mind
  Compared to what you feel from
  The bars your now behind
  If they could speak, what do you think
  They would say to you?
  I do believe you'd been better
  Off if you'd just told the truth
  Never had a problem till I stood face to face with me
  And I wish there was a way for me to go inside so I could see
  All the faces of the people who have torn a piece of me
  As I grew from a seed to a tree
  Can you feel the power of the eye
  That's hidden away 5 feet from where we lie
  What do you taste, when you take a drink of me
  Is it to much for me to ask if I asked you to leave
  Please just leave 'cause I want to be alone
  There's a fine line between love and my feelings for you
  High time I washed it all away
  Unkind, I watch your future burn before you
  Denied, a chance of any love in your life
  And I ask you one time..Why?

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