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B.J.Thomas - Rock and roll lullaby

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She was just sixteen and all alone
   When I came to be
   So we grew up together
   My mama child and me
   Now things were bad and she was scared
   But whenever I would cry
   She'd calm my fears and dry my tears
   With a rock and roll lullaby
   And she would sing sha na na na na na na na ...
   It will be all right sha na na na na na....
   Sha na na na na na na na ...
   Now just hold on tight
   Sing it to me mama (mama mama ma)
   Sing it sweet and clear, oh!
   Mama let me hear that old rock and roll lullaby
   We made it through the lonely days
   But Lord the nights were long
   And we’d dream of better moments
   When mama sang her song
   Now I can't recall the words at all
   It don't make sense to try
   'Cause I just knew lots of love came thru
   In that rock and roll lullaby

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