Teksty piosenek / B / Bjork

  107 Steps

  5 Years

  A capella


  Alarm Call

  Alfur ut ur hol

  All Is Full Of Love

  All Neon Like

  Alta mira

  An echo a stain

  Anyone who had a heart

  Army Of Me

  Atlantic (The harbour)



  Baenin (The Prayer)

  Bella the operator

  Big Time Sensuality

  Brestir og brak


  Can't help loving that man

  Car rhymes



  Come To Me

  Cover Me

  Cover me (mix)





  Gling glo

  Harm of will


  Headphones ( remix)


  Hidden place

  Human Behaviour


  Hyper Ballad

  Hyperballad (quartet version)

  I go humble

  I Miss You

  I miss you (mix)


  In The Musicals

  I remember you


  Isobel (mix)

  It's not up to you

  It's Oh So Quiet

  I've Seen It All


  Like someone in love

  Love magic

  My spine

  My spine (Glennie mix)

  New World



  One Day


  Pagan poetry

  Play Dead


  Possibly Maybe

  Possibly maybe (mix)


  So broken

  Sod off

  Sun in my mouth

  Sweet sweet intuition

  The Anchor Song

  The Arabian boy

  The Modern Things

  There's More To Life Than This




  Venus As A Boy

  Violently Happy

  You've Been Flirting Again

  You've been flirting again ( promise mix)

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