Teksty piosenek / B / Biohazard

  Abandon in place

  All for none

  A lot to learn


  A way

  Beaten senseless

  Better days

  Black and white and red all over

  Blue blood




  Chamber spins three





  Crossed the line

  Cycle of Abuse

  Cycle of abuse

  Dead to me



  Dogs of war


  Down for life

  Each day

  End of my rope

  Failed territory

  Five blocks to the subway

  Get away



  Hallowed ground

  Heads kicked in


  Hold my own

  Howard beach

  How it is

  Human animal

  Inner fear on

  In vain

  Justified violence

  Kill or be killed

  Lack there of

  Last man standing


  Love denied

  Make my stand

  Man with a promise

  Mistaken identity

  Modern democracy

  Never forgive, never forget

  New world disorder

  Open your eyes


  Panic attack









  Scarred for life


  Shades of grey


  State of the world address


  Survival of the fittest


  Tales from the hard side

  Tears of blood

  There & back

  These eyes



  True strengths



  Urban discipline


  Waiting to die

  We're only gonna die

  What makes us tick

  Wide awake

  World on fire

  Wrong side of the tracks

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki