Teksty piosenek / B / Bif Naked

  Alphabet Poem

  Any Day Now


  Choking On The Truth


  Daddy's Getting Married


  Eine Tasse Tee

  Eine Tasse Tee


  Hold On

  I Died

  I Died

  If I

  I Love Myself Today

  I Love Myself Today

  Infected Tattoo





  Make Like A Tree

  Moment Of Weakness

  My Bike

  My Whole Life

  Never Alone

  October Songs

  Only The Girl

  Over You

  Papa Va Se Marier

  Regular Guy


  Rock Star Man



  Stolen Sidewalk

  Story Of My Life


  Tango Shoes

  Tell On You


  The Gross, Gross Man

  The Letter

  The Peacock Song





  We're Not Gonna Take It

  You Are The Master

  You Got The Job

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