Beyonce Knowles - I got that

Tekst piosenki:

  Uh, uh-huh
  Amil-lion, yeah Roc-a-fella
  (Oh, oh yeah)
  What? Huh, uh-huh
  Yea-yeah, yeah, I got that
  Uh-huh, yo, yo
  I make cats pay like lay-way
  Own like they stole
  Deal with late pay and I got that from Hawk
  Plus I got my own bread
  You ain't gotta wave them over my head
  I got that
  (I got that)
  And you can't leave me stranded
  Cause I got a ride back
  And besides that
  What chick you know cock glocks back?
  Eight in the back, they rockin' hot jacks
  In high heels, mini skirts and thighs fat
  My styles like the international
  Pancake house or whatever avenue
  I got that, uh I got that
  1 - [Beyonce']
  Think I need you cause the rent is due
  You can be outta here baby
  Cause I got it
  I got it, I got it
  Cause cash, coupes, credit cards
  All the exotic things baby
  I got it
  I got it, I got it
  Ever since cats found out I ran with the Roc
  They wanna take a closer look, wanna examine the box
  Magazine want cameras to pop
  They catch me in the nude like a Samantha Fox
  Listen dude but I got dollars and cents
  You don't gotta promise me to pay my rent
  I got that
  (I got that)
  Catch me a drop black playing Speedy Gonzalez
  Toes never unpolished
  The way I be dressing dudes wanna toss the salad
  The way I be dressing got broads acting childish
  But I pay my own bills
  Amil-lion always has and always will
  Y'all got that?
  Repeat 1
  I got that
  The house that you live in
  I got that
  The bed that you sleep in
  I got that
  The Benz that you're driving
  I got that, I got that
  I got that
  The ice that you're wearing
  I got that
  So why you complaining
  I got that
  Who you gaming?
  I got that, I got that
  I got that
  Yo my life's still on
  Gas bill caught up
  Indian Amil, call me chief running water
  Cable still in order
  Phone still dials out
  Money still long but my patience got shorter
  You can leave baby give me everything I bought you
  Like you leaving me was some type of torture
  I don't need no man to
  Do for Amil what Amil can do
  You got that?
  Repeat 1 (2x)
  That's right baby
  Amil-lion, uh
  I got this what?

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