Teksty piosenek / B / Berlin

  89 Lines

  All i ever need

  Angels wings

  Beg, steal or borrow

  Blink of an eye

  Blowin sky high


  Confession time


  Dancing in Berlin

  Desire me




  Fly by night

  For all tomorrows lies

  For what its worth


  Go ask the lonely



  Highway to dangerzone

  I can love

  In my dreams

  Let me be the one

  Like flames

  Live to tell

  Lost my mind


  Matter of time

  Moment of truth

  No more words

  Now it's my turn

  Once upon a time

  Pictures of you

  Pink and velvet

  Pleasure victim

  Rumor of love

  Sacred and profane





  Stranger on the bus

  Stronger than steel

  Take My Breath Away

  Take my breath away

  Take my breath away (deutsche)

  Tell me why

  The metro

  The world is waiting

  To a king

  Too far to fall



  Turn you on

  Under the gun

  When love goes to war

  When we make love

  Who's gonna take you home tonight

  Will i ever understand you

  With a touch

  World of smiles


  You don't know

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki