Teksty piosenek / B / Belinda Carlisle

  All god's children

  Always breaking my heart

  A prayer for everyone

  A woman and a man

  Band of gold

  Big scary animal


  Circle in the sand

  Deep deep ocean

  Do you feel like i feel

  Emotional highway

  Fool for love

  From the heart

  Goodbye day

  Gotta get to you

  Half the world

  Heaven is a place on earth

  He goes on

  Here comes my baby

  I feel free

  I feel the magic

  I get weak

  I need a disguise

  I never wanted a rich man

  In too deep

  I plead insanity

  It's too real

  Kneel at your feet

  La luna

  Lay down your arms

  Leave a light on

  Listen to love

  Little black book

  Live your life be free

  Loneliness game

  Love doesn't live here

  Love in the key of C

  Love never dies

  Love revolution

  Mad about you

  My heart goes out to you

  Nobody owns me

  Nothing without me

  One with you

  Remember september

  Runaway horses

  Shades of Michaelangelo

  Shot in the dark

  Should i let you in

  Since you've gone

  Stuff and nonsense

  Summer rain

  The same thing


  Vision of you

  We can change

  Whatever it takes

  Where love hides

  Windows of the world

  World of love

  World without you

  Wouldn't be here if i didn't love you

  Wrap my arms

  You came out nowhere

  You're nothing without me

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