All in your mind

  Already dead

  Aphid manure heist

  Arabian nights


  Asskizz powergrudge

  Atmospheric conditions

  Bad energy

  Beautiful way


  Blackfire choked our death


  Black hole

  Blue cross

  Bogus soul

  Bottle of blues


  Broken train


  Burnt orange peel


  Canceled check


  Cold brains

  Computer girls

  Corvette bummer

  Crystal clear


  Cut 1/2 blues

  Cyanide breath mine

  Dead man with no heart

  Dead melodies


  Dead wild cat

  Death is comin to get me


  Deep fried love


  Devil got my woman

  Devil's Haircut

  Diamond bollocks

  Diamond Dogs

  Diamond in the sleaze


  Don't be light

  Electric avenue

  Electric music and the summer people

  End of the day

  Feather in your cap




  Fourteen rivers fourteen floods

  Fuckin with my head

  Fuckin With My Head (Mountain Dew Rock)


  Get real paid

  Gettin home

  Girl dreams


  Goin nowhere fast

  Got no mind

  Guess i'm doing fine

  Halo of gold

  Hard to compete

  Heartland feeling

  He's a mighty good leader

  High 5

  High 5 (Rock The Catskills)

  Hollow log

  Hollywood freaks


  Hot waxx

  I get lonesome

  In a cold ass fashion

  It's all gonna come to be

  It's all in your mind

  I've see the land beyond


  John the revelator


  Lazy flies

  Leave me on the moon


  Let's go moon some cars

  Little drum machine boy

  Little one

  Lonesome tears

  Lord Only Knows


  Lost cause

  Magic station wagon



  Midnite vultures

  Milk & honey


  Mixed bizness


  Mtv makes me want to smoke crack



  Mystery song 1

  Mystery song 2

  New pollution

  Nicotine & gravy

  Nitemare Hippy Girl

  Nobodys fault but my own

  No money no honey


  O Maria

  One foot in grave

  One of these days



  Painted eyelids

  Paper tiger

  Pay No Mind

  Peaches & cream

  People gettin busy

  Pink noise

  Pressure zone

  Protein summer

  Put it in neutral

  Puttin it down



  Regular song

  Rollins power sauce

  Round the bend


  Runners dial zero


  Salt in the wound

  Satan gave me a taco


  See water

  Sexx Laws

  She is all

  Side of the road

  Sin city

  Sing it again


  Sleeping bag

  Soul sucked dry

  Soul Sucking Jerk

  Soul suckin jerk

  Spanking room

  Special people



  Steal My Body Home

  Steve threw up

  Sucker without a brain

  Sunday sun

  Supergolden black sunchild

  Sweet Sunshine


  The fucked up blues

  The golden age

  The New Pollution

  The spirit moves me

  The vagabond

  The world may lose it's motion

  This is my crew

  Thunder peel

  Today has been a fucked up day

  To see that woman of mine

  Totally confused

  Total soul future


  Trouble all my days

  Truckdrivin neighbors downstairs

  Truckdrivin' Neighbors Downstairs (Yellow Sweat)

  Waitin for a train

  We live again

  Where It's At

  Whimsical actress

  Whiskey can can

  Whiskeyclone, Hotel City 1997

  Whiskey-faced radioactive blowdryin lady

  Will i be ignored by the lord

  Your cheatin heart

  Ziplock bag

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki