Teksty piosenek / B / Beatsteaks

  2 O'clock

  2 O`Clock


  Above Us

  Ain't complaining

  ... And Wait

  Atomic love



  Big attack


  Different Ways










  God Knows

  Hand in hand

  Happy Now?

  Hello Joe

  Hello there

  Hey du

  I don't care as long as you sing

  I fought the law


  Just like heaven

  Kings of metal

  Let Me In

  Loyal to none

  Me Against The World

  Mietzi's Song



  My Revelation

  Not Ready To Rock


  Run Run


  Schluss mit rock n' roll

  Shiny Shoes

  Shut Up Stand Up

  Soothe Me


  The KKK took my baby away

  This One

  To Be Strong



  We Have To Figure It Out

  We have to figure it out tonight

  What's coming over you

  Why You Not

  You Walk

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