Teksty piosenek / B / Barenaked Ladies



  Alternative Girlfriend


  A message to you rudy

  Am I The Only One?

  Another postcard

  Auld lang syne

  Baby Seat

  Be My Yoko Ono

  Blame It On Me

  Box Set

  Break Your Heart

  Brian Wilson


  Call And Answer

  Call Me Calmly


  Christmas time (Oh yeah)


  Couldn't care less


  Deck the stills

  Do they know it's christmas

  Elf's lament


  Everything Is New Again

  Everything old is new again

  Falling For The First Time

  For you

  Get in line

  Go Home

  Govatos suffle

  Grade 9

  Great Provider

  Green christmas

  Grim grinning ghosts

  Hanukkah, oh, hanukkah

  Have you seen my love

  Having a baby


  Hello City

  Hidden sun

  If I Had A $1,000,000

  If I Had A 1,000,000

  If i had a million dollars

  I have a little dreydell

  I Know

  I Live With It Every Day

  I'll Be That Girl

  I Love You


  In The Car

  In The Drink

  I saw three ships

  It's All Been Done

  It's only me


  Just A Toy


  Life In A Nutshell

  Life, in a nutshell

  Light Up My Room

  Lilac girl

  Little Tiny Song

  Long Way Back Home

  Lovers in a dangerous time

  Make my heart fly

  Maybe Katie

  Never Do Anything

  Never Is Enough

  New Kid (On The Block)

  Next time

  Night photographs

  Off The Hook

  One Week

  Pinch Me

  Powder blue

  Psycho killer

  Really don't know

  Road runner

  Same Thing

  Second best

  Sell Sell Sell

  She's On Time

  Shoe Box



  Some Fantastic

  Stomache VS Heart

  Stomach vs. heart

  Straw Hat And Old Dirty Hank

  Take it outside

  Testing 1, 2, 3

  Thanks that was fun

  The balad of Gordon

  The Flag

  The humor of the situation

  The Humour Of The Situation

  The King Of Bedside Manor

  The Old Apartment

  There's A Spider In My Room

  These Apples

  The Wrong Man Was Convicted

  This Is Where It Ends

  This it is

  Told You So

  Tonight Is The Night I Fell Asleep At Th

  Tonight Is The Night I Fell Asleep At The Wheel

  Too Little Too Late

  Trouble with Tracy

  Trust me

  Uncle elwyn


  Upside down

  War on drugs

  What A Good Boy

  When I Fall

  When You Dream

  Who Needs Sleep?

  Wishing well

  Wrap Your Arms Around Me

  You Will Be Waiting

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