Band Ohne Namen - Boys

Tekst piosenki:

  Girls have you ever thought about
  About all of those littel doubts
  That keep cominŽup in a boyŽs mind
  When you just smile
  Cause baby, how should he know what you really feel
  If that look was fake or real
  Or if heŽs the 5th or 6th guy
  To whom your smile
  Baby, think about the way that you treat a boy
  Cause no one likes to be treated like a toy
  If youŽd really like him to sepnd the night
  Then baby, go and tell him right
  Boys - now IŽm talking about
  Boys - Žcause you donŽt know about
  Boys - with your love we are happy
  Boys - oh, I like being one of them
  Boys - now IŽm talking about
  Boys oh the hyped up psyched up
  Boys - always thinking about lovely
  And now IŽm thinking that the time is right for a hot night
  To make you hold me tight make you feel right
  And if thereŽs something that you want that I got
  You can have it all night nonstop
  I wanna treat you right and take you higher and higher
  I wanna hold you tight and make you hot like fire
  I wanna stay all night, wanna quensch you desire
  Were there something I forgot? I think not
  But girl now, hey, how schould i know what youŽd sauy
  If IŽd asked you to play for a night and a day
  Would you say, hey babe, IŽd like you to stay?
  Or would you say, no no no no way,
  Girls, if want us to stay,you gotta say so
  And if you want us to leavem, you gotta say no
  Is it friendship or the real eal?
  Girls, tell us what you want, what you need, what you feel!
  Hey girls, if you like a boy, then you know
  That is allright to make a show
  You can play a little hard to get
  Just to make him sweat
  But baby, if you keep him waiting to long
  Then one day he might be gone
  So tell him what is right
  And what you like

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