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Babylon Zoo - Love lies bleeding

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Your Silhouette only remains on the day you left me,
   alone in my sleep,
   Sanity, is fighting off the demons
   Just to keep two souls in one dream,
   Maybe your heart\'s like a satellite
   Homing on thoughts in my mind,
   We wasted words on Valentines,
   [CHORUS] Now, love lies bleeding
   All over my feelings
   You\'ll never trust cause of vanity,
   You\'ll never trust cause your souls got wings and it\'s flown.
   If your loosing faith then that\'s fine,
   But it\'s hardly a jaw breaking crime,
   When conversation cuts off
   And it\'s time to say goodbye (to say goodbye),
   I wanna drive a highway through your veins,
   Your words hurt like a haemoridging brain,
   Your fever is strong and burns
   All my tears to salt in these eyes,
   We wasted words on Valentines,
   [BRIDGE] It\'s plain to see that you were down on your knees
   And your rainbow\'s gone colourblind,
   Your smile is so cheap it\'s the devil in me,
   We\'re victims of this reckless life,

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