Teksty piosenek / A / Ayumi Hamasaki

  And then

  Angels's song


  As if

  A song for XX

  A song is born


  Because of you

  Boys & girls

  Close to you




  Depend on you



  Endless sorrow

  End of the world

  End roll

  Ever free

  Everywhere nowhere


  Far away

  Flower garden

  Fly high

  For my dear

  Free & easy


  From your letter


  Greatful days (deutsche)




  I am



  July 1st



  Love destiny

  Love since 1999


  M (eng)


  More than


  Never ever

  No more words

  Ourselves (deutsche)


  Poker face

  Powder snow


  P.S II






  Song for XX (eng)

  Sotsugyou shashin

  Still alone


  Teddy bear

  Teddy bear (eng)

  To be

  Too Late



  Two of us




  Voyage (eng)

  We wish





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