Teksty piosenek / A / Avril Lavigne

  All my life wedding - remix

  Angry nerd rock

  Anything but ordinary

  Anything But Ordinary

  Basket case

  Better of alone

  Break away

  Call my body home

  Chop suey

  City of angels





  Don't tell me


  Falling Down

  Fall to pieces


  Freak out


  Get Over It

  He wasn't

  How does it feel

  I always get what i want

  I Don't Give A Damn

  I like you

  I'm with you

  I'm With You


  Kiss me (cover)

  Knockin' On Heaven's Door

  Little drummer boy

  Losing grip

  Losing Grip

  Me and my girls

  Missing you



  My Happy Ending

  My world



  Near to the heart of god

  Nobody's fool

  Nobody's Fool

  Nobody's home

  No one needs to know


  Punky princess 4

  Sk8er boi

  Skater boy

  Skater Boy

  Slipped away


  Take it

  Take me away

  Temple Of Life

  Things I'll never say

  Things I'll Never Say




  Too bad

  Too much to ask

  Too Much To Ask

  Touch The Sky

  Two Rivers


  Who knows


  With you

  You were mine

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