Teksty piosenek / A / Atomic Kitten / Right now (remix)

Atomic Kitten - Right now (remix)

Tekst piosenki:

   Makin it real that I want it
  Is makin you see that you know what I need
  You're breakin the rules coz you want it
  Theres so much, you can do, that will make me see that...
  Makin the love that adore you baby (baby)
  Is makin the most of the way that I feel
  I'm takin a chance movin for ya
  Coz when you touch, me I just, can't believe that it's real...
  Chorus :
  So come on baby do it to me good now
  Do it to me slowly (oh yeah)
  Be the one and only (oh'oh yeah)
  And do it to me right now (baby, baby)
  Baby, baby...
  Make me belive that you want it
  And make me believe that you'll always be true,
  Better not lie or decive me
  If you do, then we're through, so it's up to you...
  So take me to places I've never ever
  Never been able to go
  Your taken it higher and higher
  But baby you know, that it's all, gettin oh lets go...
  Chorus 2 :
  And come on baby do it to me good
  Do it like you should
  Like you said you would
  And do it to me right now...
  There's a party in my head
  But you should have been there with me now
  What you say, what you say, yeah
  Well you started on my head,
  Better finishw hat you said to me now
  What you say, what you say, yeah...
  Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...
  Chorus 2

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