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ATC - Maybe

Tekst piosenki:

She takes the train on Monday
   She’s thinking maybe one day
   Leaving town without a goodbye
   She wants to be so much and
   She tries so hard to touch
   The life that keeps on passing her by
   She would work from 9 to 5
   Tryin’ to keep herself alive
   Not remembering to see
   All the things she could be
   All the things she could be
   (And she’s always singing)
   Maybe yes and
   Maybe no
   Maybe I’m just a fool with nowhere to go
   Maybe this time
   I’ll cut the deal
   Maybe I would make it
   If I did for real
   I did for real
   He walks into the room and
   He smells the sweet parfume
   The girl that he’s been wanting to call
   He wants to talk to her so
   Very badly but he thinks that she don’t know it at all
   He was dreaming 9 to 5
   Try’ba keep his hopes alive
   Believing that one day she’d see
   All the things he could be
   All the things he could be
   (And he always thinking)
   Maybe my inhibitions keep me at bay
   And all I need to do is set them free
   Maybe my heart is takin’ over my head
   And what it’s meant to be will just never be
   Never be
   Chorus 2x

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