A far cry

  After the war


  Am i in love



  Are you big enough



  Back in town

  Blue moon monday

  Boys from Diamond city

  Can't tell these walls

  Countdown to zero

  Crime of the heart

  Cutting it fine

  Darkness day


  Days like these


  Different worlds

  Don't call me

  Don't come to me

  Don't cry

  Don't cut the wire (Brother)

  Dusty road

  Enough's enough

  Eye to eye


  Feels like love

  Fight against the tide

  Forgive me


  Ghost in the mirror


  Gone too far

  Hands of time

  Hard on me

  Heart of gold

  Heat of the moment


  Heaven on earth

  Here comes the feeling

  What about love

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki