13th Floor

  A Life less Ordinary

  Angel Interceptor


  Astral Conversations With Toulouse Lautrec

  Burn Baby Burn

  Burn Brian Burn

  Burn Out


  Cherry Bomb

  Dancing On The Moon

  Darkside Lightside

  Day Of The Triffids

  Death Trip 21

  Different Today

  Does Your Mother Know?

  Don't Know


  Everywhere Is All Around

  Feel No Pain

  Folk Song

  Fortune Teller


  Get Out

  Get Ready

  Girl From Mars

  Give Me Some Truth


  Gone The Dream

  Gonna Do It Soon


  Heroin, Vodka, White noise

  I'd Give You Anything

  I'm Gonna Fall

  I Need Somebody

  Innocent Smile

  Intense Thing

  I Only Wanna Be With You

  Jack Names The Planets

  Jesus Says

  Kung Fu

  Let It Flow

  Lose Control

  Lost In You

  Low Ebb

  Luther Ingo's Star Cruiser

  Melon Farmer



  No Place To Hide


  Oh Yeah

  Only In Dreams

  Pacific Palisades



  Punk Boy



  Shining Light

  Skullfull Of Sulphur



  So The Story Goes

  Stay In Love Forever

  Stormy Waters


  Taken Out

  Teenage Kicks

  The Little Pond

  There's a Star

  The Sweetness Of Death By The Obsidian Knife


  Thinking About You


  Uncle Pat

  Walking Barefoot

  Warmer than Fire


  What Deaner Was Talking About

  Where Is Our Love Going


  World Domination

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