Teksty piosenek / A / Armored Saint


  After me, the flood

  Another day

  Book of blood

  Burning question

  Can u deliver

  Chemical euphoria


  Control issues

  Creepy feelings

  Crisis of life


  Deep rooted anger

  Den of thieves

  Dropping like flies


  False alarm

  For the sake of heaviness

  Glory hunter

  Hanging judge

  Human vulture

  In the hole


  Last train home


  Lesson well learned

  Long before i die

  Mad house

  March of the saint

  Mutiny on the world

  Nervous man

  No me digas

  No reason to live

  On the way

  Out on a limb

  Over the edge

  Pay dirt

  Raising fear

  Reign of fire


  Saturday night special



  Stricken by fate

  Symbol of salvation

  Tainted past

  Take a turn



  The laugh

  The pillar

  The truth always hurts

  Tribal dance


  Upon my departure


  What's your pleasure

  You're never alone

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki