Teksty piosenek / A / Anti-Nowhere League


  Atomic Harvest



  Burn 'Em All

  Can't Stand Rock'n'Roll

  Can't stand rock'n roll

  Chocolate Soldiers


  For you

  Fucked Up And Wasted

  Fucked up'n wasted

  Get Ready

  Gypsies Tramps & Thieves

  How Does It Feel?

  (I Don't Believe) This Is My England

  I Hate...People

  I hate people


  Let's Break The Law

  ...Long Live Punk...

  Nowhere Man

  On The Waterfront

  Pig Iron


  Reck a nowhere




  So What

  Streets Of London

  Suicide...Have You Tried


  The Curtain

  The Great Unwashed

  The Shining

  We're The League

  (We Will Not) Remember You


  Working For The Company

  World War III

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