Antifreeze - The Ides

Tekst piosenki:

When I look ahead I can't see clearly
  Anchored all the time to things so near me
  Always struggling with the urge to run away
  Always try to move ahead succinctly
  Can never see the future too distinctly
  When did my hope, seem to lose its ray?
  Steadfast as I go from day to day
  Slowly my resolve just slips away
  Looking back
  I've been right on track
  Come what may
  Has brought me here today
  Looking forward now
  It's a long way down
  It's no surprise
  That I'm in the ides
  Not including random flights of fancy
  Optimism seems a bit too chancy
  Hope seems just to scared to come around
  So I go around and round now in this circular insanity
  It's given from time to time now by the obstacles that 'counter me
  It's hard to move ahead, buried underground

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