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Antifreeze - First Choice

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I met you just the other day, from you i stood far away
  I didn't know what to say to you, nor I couldn't figure out what to do
  I was friends with a friend of yours, I was dying to be yours
  I just thought that I should say "goodbye" cuz I know I could never call you mine
  I was dying to be your first choice
  while i watched you hang around the other boys
  when will the day come that we can fly away
  I said we'll leave this stupid world today
  You told me how you loved my voice, I was thinkin, baby you are my first choice
  could i be good enough for you, or would all your friends call you a fool
  then one day i sat down to play, i thought of all the words i wanted to say
  I'll do anything for you, please tell me today, dream come true

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