Antifreeze - Anymore

Tekst piosenki:

you made me give up on you, its hard to say but its true. its how i feel because i dont know you anymore. i think of what you've become, and all the things that you've done. i close my eyes and think i dont know you. its all i can say, im redundant today, but its all i can do anymore. my feelings are numb. its over its done. forevermore i listen to lies that you say, you're giving me new ones each day. but now thats over because i dont trust you anymore. you cant manipulate me, nothing you say i'll believe. i see right through you and i wont take it anymore. i go through times in my head, where i've been thrown and mislead. never again because i wont take it, go away. its over with you and everyday i go more insane just living with you, hey there's the door, you know what its for, dont trouble me anymore.

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