Teksty piosenek / A / Anthrax

  1000 Points of hate


  A.D.I. horror of it all



  Alpha male

  American Pompeii

  Among the living



  Anyplace but here

  Armed and dangerous

  A skeleton in the closet


  Be all, end all

  Belly of the beast

  Big fat

  Black dahlia

  Black lodge


  Born again idiot

  Bring the noise


  Cadillac rock box


  Caught in a mosh

  Celebrated summer

  Cowboy song



  Death from above


  Dethroned emperor


  Drop the ball


  Friggin in the riggin


  Giving the horns

  God save the Queen

  Got the time



  H8 red

  Harms way

  Hog tied

  Howling furies

  Hy pro glo

  I am the law

  I'm eighteen

  Imitation of life

  I'm the man

  I'm the man 91

  In a zone


  In my world

  Inside out


  Keep it in the family

  Killing box

  King size


  Lone justice

  Love her all i can


  Make me laugh


  Metal trashing mad


  Misery loves company

  N.F.B. (Ballabnikufesin)


  Nobody knows anything


  No time this time

  Now it's dark

  One man stands

  One world


  Out of sight, out of mind

  Packaged rebellion



  Perpetual motion

  Piss & vinegar

  Potters field

  Protest and survive


  Raise hell

  Random acts of senseless violence

  Refused to be denieded

  Remember tomorrow

  Riding shotgun

  Room for one more

  Sabbath bloody sabbath

  Safe home


  Sodium pentathol

  Soldiers of metal


  Starting up a posse

  Stealing from a thief

  Strap it on



  Taking the music back


  The enemy

  Think about an end

  This is not an exit


  Toast to the extras

  Watchin you

  We've come for you all

  What doesn't die

  Who cares wins

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki