Teksty piosenek / A / Anouk

  Be like that

  Bigger Side

  Body Brain

  Break down the wall

  Broken glass


  Dance with you





  Fluid Conduction

  Graduated Fool


  Home is in my head

  I alone

  I Live For You

  In The Sand

  It's a Shame

  It's So Hard

  It Wasn't Me

  Last time


  Lovin whiskey

  Margarita Chum


  Michel (deutsche)

  Mood Indigo

  My Best Wasn't Good Enoug

  My best wasn't good enough

  My Friend

  My Life

  Nobody's Wife

  Nobody''s wife

  No Time To Waste

  Pictures On Your Skin


  R U Kiddin Me

  RU kiddin me





  Stop Thinking

  The dark

  The Other Side of Me

  Time is a Jailer

  Together Alone

  Tom Waits

  Too Long

  U Being U

  Urban Solitude

  What would i do

  Who Cares

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