Teksty piosenek / A / Ani Difranco


  32 Flavors

  4th Of July

  Adam And Eve

  Ain't That The Way

  Amazing Grace

  Angel Food

  Angry Anymore




  Asking Too Much

  Back Around

  Blood In The Boardroom

  Born A Lion

  Both Hands

  Brief Bus Stop

  Buildings And Bridges

  Circle Of Light

  Cloud Blood

  Come Away From It

  Coming Up

  Coming Up

  Cradle And All

  Crime For Crime

  Deep Dish


  Dog Coffee

  Done Wrong

  Egos Like Hairdos


  Every Angle

  Every State Line


  Face Up And Sing

  Falling Is Like This


  Fierce Flawless

  Fire Door

  Fixing Her Hair


  Garden Of Simple

  Glass House

  God's Country

  Going Down

  Going Once

  Good, Bad, Ugly




  Hat Shaped Hat

  Heartbreak Even

  Hello Birmingham

  Hell Yeah

  Here For Now

  Hour Follows Hour

  How Have You Been


  If He Tries Anything

  If It Isn't Her

  I Know This Bar

  Imagine That

  I'm No Heroine


  Independence Day

  In Here

  In Or Out

  In The Way


  Joyful Girl



  Know Now Then

  Letter To A John

  Letting The Telephone Ring

  Light Of Some Kind

  Little Plastic Castle

  Looking For The Holes


  Lost Woman Song

  Make Me Stay

  Make Them Apologize


  My I.Q.

  Names And Dates And Times


  Not A Pretty Girl

  Not So Soft

  Oh My My


  Old Old Song

  On Every Corner

  Out Of Habit

  Out Of Range

  Outta Me, Onto You


  Pale Purple


  Pick Yer Nose


  Promised Land






  Rock Paper Scissors

  Roll With It

  Rush Hour

  School Night

  Second Intermission


  Served Faithfully


  She Says



  Sick Of Me


  Small World

  Soft Shoulder

  Sorry I Am

  So What




  Talk To Me Now

  Tamburitza Lingua

  The Diner

  The Next Big Thing

  The Slant

  The Story

  The Waiting Song

  The Whole Night

  This Bouquet


  'Tis Of Thee

  To The Teeth

  Trickle Down

  Two Little Girls

  Untouchable Face

  Up Up Up Up Up Up

  Used To You


  Welcome To:

  Whatall Is Nice

  What How When Where (Why Who)

  What If No One's Watching

  Willing To Fight

  Wish I May

  Work Your Way Out


  You Had Time

  Your Next Bold Move

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