Teksty piosenek / A / Angie Stone

  20 Dollars

  Black diamonds & blue pearls

  Black Diamonds & Blue Pearls (Interlude)

  Bone 2 Pic (Wit U)

  Bottles & Cans


  Brotha part II

  Brotha (Remix)

  Coulda Been You

  Don't Wanna Ride Without You

  Easier Said Than Done


  Everyday (Neptune Remix)

  Freedom (Intro)

  Green Grass Vapors

  Heaven Help

  Heaven help (deutsche)

  Holding Back The Years

  If It Wasn't

  Just A Pimp

  Life Goes On

  Life Story

  Love Junkie

  Mad Issues

  Makings of you

  Makings Of You (Interlude)

  Man Loves His Money

  More Than A Woman

  My Lovin' Will Give You Something

  My lovin will give you something

  No more rain

  No More Rain (In This Cloud)


  Pissed Off


  Soul Insurance

  The heat

  The Heat (Outro)

  The Ingredients Of Love

  Time Of The Month

  Trouble Man


  What U Dyin' For

  What u dyin for

  Wish I Didn't Miss You

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