Teksty piosenek / A / Anathema

  A dying wish

  A fine day to exit

  All faith is lost


  Alternative 4

  And i lust


  Anyone, anywhere

  Are you there

  At one with the earth


  Better off dead

  Cerulean twilight


  Cries on the wind



  Don't look too far

  Echoes of terror

  Emotional winter


  Eternal rise of the sun

  Eternity part I

  Eternity part III


  Far away


  Forgotten hopes

  Fragile dreams


  Inner silence

  In the name of the father

  J'ai fait une promesse



  Leave no trace

  Looking outside inside

  Lost control

  Lovelorn rhapsody

  Make it right

  Memento mori

  Mine is yours to drown in

  Nailed to the cross

  Nocturnal emission

  One last goodbye


  Parisienne moonlight







  Restless oblivion

  Shroud of false

  Shroud of frost

  Sleep in sanity


  Suicide veil

  Sunset of age

  Sweet suffering

  Sweet tears

  Temporary peace

  The beloved

  The lord of mortal pestilence

  The silent enigma

  The sweet suffering

  They die

  Under a veil


  We, the gods

  Wings of god

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