Teksty piosenek / A / Amon Amarth


  Across the rainbow bridge

  A fury divine

  Amon Amarth

  And soon the world will cease to be

  Annihilation of hammerfest

  As long as the raven flies


  Bastards of a lying breed

  Bleed for ancient gods


  Burning creation

  Death in fire

  Down the slopes of death

  For the stabwounds in our backs

  Friends of the suncross

  God, his son and holy whore

  Legend of a banished man

  Masters of war


  North sea storm

  Once sent from the golden hall

  Releasing surtur's fire

  Ride for vengeance

  Siegreicher marsch

  Sorrow throughtout the nine worlds

  The arrival of the fimbul winter

  The dragon's flight across the waves

  The fall through ginnungagap

  The last with pagan blood

  The sound of eight hooves

  Thor arise

  Thousand years of opression

  Versus the world

  Victorious march

  Where silent gods stand guard

  Without fear

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki