Teksty piosenek / A / Amanda Marshall

  Beautiful goodbye

  Believe in you

  Best of me


  Brand new beau


  Dark horse


  Don't let it bring you down

  Double agent

  Everybody's got a story

  Fall from grace

  Give up giving in


  I believe in you

  If i didn't have you

  I'll be ok

  Inside the tornado

  Last exit to eden

  Let it rain

  Let's get lost

  Love is my witness

  Love lift me

  Marry me

  Never said goodbye

  Out of bounds


  Red magic marker


  Right here all along

  Shades of grey

  Sitting on top of the world

  Sunday morning after

  The best of me

  The voice inside

  This could take all night

  Too little, too late

  Trust me

  Why don't you love me

  Wishful thinking

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