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Allure - Introduction

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Welcome to the world of Track Masters
   Where the flavor gods are always watching
   (I don\'t think they\'re ready)Drama
   Yeah! Prepare yourself for a new millennium
   I mean a place where only Allure can get down(Hooooo Whooooo Yeah!)
   I mean these sisters sing like canaries
   And look like French pastry
   If you know what I mena, Daddy
   One time Yeah! You see there are four major elements to Allure
   That\'s Linnie, Lalisha, Akissa and Alia
   (Give it to me baby)
   And if you don\'t dig this mess you got the wrong damn address
   Can ya feel me
   Allure!Get it right, cognac for inner sight
   Fuck the chaser I lust for paper
   React when shit is tight
   Seekin\' chronic Q.B. my fleet speak ebonics
   Contemplate blowing slugs or leaving beef behind us
   Optimism watch out for opposition5% discipline, play the cut
   My rocks glisten
   What\'s became of me
   Pursue my dreams somewhat stubbornly
   Runnin\' from chick to chick
   Trickin\' mega currency, born to be rich
   Somewhat distinguished to them younger cats
   To satisfy they hunger, inhaling hundred sacks
   But whose rules consume the savage beast
   It\'s Allure, the Album (Nature), the Masterpiece
   It\'s nature Y\'all, once again Nature.

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