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All About Eve - Tuesday's child

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Sunday, Sunday, where have you been
   Your emerald eyes
   like your hands, reaching out to me?
   The wolves are out tonight
   Under the hunter’s moon
   Cinnabar staining the hem of her lace
   She’s starting to blush
   but the moon helps to pale her face
   ”The groom has gone”, she sighed
   and slept for a hundred years
   Sunday’s child and the wolf were wed
   to Monday’s child with her empty head
   Tuesday’s child seemed to know the answer
   Sister Monday, what did you find?
   ”I found it all
   but somehow I lost my mind
   East of the universe
   and north of a snowbound star
   Oberon told me: ‘The devil lives there!’
   Maybe he stole it
   and it could be anywhere
   One soul in silent millions
   trying to get back home”

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