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All About Eve - The pearl fishermen

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The milkmoons dwell in their quiet shells
   Where they fell from the heaven
   Two pearl fishermen hold their breath again
   Fight to the death again for the same prize
   Oh my brother, one of us loses
   One must drown and the other she chooses
   The jade of the blue offers diamonds to you
   But you find it’s not true when the sun sets
   You dive far below
   Where the sun doesn’t go
   Where your brother won’t know
   And you hear her saying:
   “Oh my lover, now that you’ve found me
   Now your brother is bound to be drowned
   I don’t know why you’d feud over me
   All those pearls lay asleep on the sea bed’’
   The pearl in his hand
   She’s just a grain of sand
   She’s dressed up as snow
   in the moonlight
   She’s porcelain
   on his sallow skin
   He’s been taken in
   by illusion
   Oh my brother, we’re both of us losers
   I don’t know why she ever did choose us
   To call one her lover and bury the other
   So I’ll hold my breath ‘til the story is over

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