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All About Eve - Rhythm of life

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I’m nowhere that I’ve ever been
   I’m no-one, I can’t remember me
   Make it all go
   You’re showing me heaven
   When your door is always closed
   Like the church doors are
   When you need a little Jesus
   Outside his business hours
   You know, where were you
   When I needed you to
   Hold me, give a little beat of your heart to me
   You’ve got to hold me, it’s like the rhythm of life to me
   How I long to take some comfort
   From your arms
   I am denied
   I never relied
   On the comfort or charity of strangers
   Hear all the low, lonely lullabies I love
   Dearer than life.
   The warmth of a friend that I could depend on
   To listen to me.
   What would they find in the ashes then
   A paper doll who thought she was a dancer
   Fusing with the molten grey
   Of a soldier of tin
   Who happened once along her way ?

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