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All About Eve - Farewell Mr. Sorrow

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Six o'clock, all the closing shops
   And the rainbows on the pavements
   Of a sleepy town.
   October leaves were wept from the trees
   In tears of grief and strange relief
   And sympathy.... all for me.
   Do you remember walking out
   The day it rained forever
   And you were wondering
   If I held dreams of wedding rings
   Well, farewell Mr. Sorrow
   Tomorrow is my own.
   I believe we made a vow
   Beside the fireside but I'm sure I lied
   When I promised you
   That I would never want sing
   Along with anything
   But for the strings of your guitar
   Here you are...
   So this is how a Judas kisses
   Well, this is my kiss.

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