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All About Eve - Calling your name

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Man possessed
   Can find no rest,
   Waking for his nightmare.
   Safe in bed,
   But in his head
   He knows her soul resides there
   "I'll be the breeze
   That blows the candle out
   And chills the room
   As summer burns without...
   Calling your name."
   Love lamented,
   His soul tormented,
   Sleeping in the embers.
   As good as dead,
   He's lost his head -
   But how ? No-one remembers !
   "I'll be the hand
   That guides your hand to write
   I'll turn you pale
   With ink and second-sight...
   Calling your name."
   "I'll be your skin,
   I'll turn you black and blue...
   I'll be your breath...
   The life and death of you...
   Calling your name."

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