Teksty piosenek / A / Alimee Mann

  4 Th of july

  All over now


  Baby blue


  Build that wall

  Calling it quits

  Choice in the matter

  Could've Been anyone


  Driving sideways

  Driving with one hand on the wheel

  Everything's different now

  Fifty years after the fair


  Ghost world

  Guys like me

  High on sunday 51

  How am i different

  Humpty dumpty

  I could hurt you now

  I know there's a word for this

  Invisible ink

  I should've known

  It's not

  It's not safe

  It takes all kinds

  I've had it

  Jacob Marley's chain

  Jimmy Hoffa jokes

  Just like anyone

  Long shot

  Lost in space


  Mr. Harris

  Nightmare girl

  Nothing is good enough


  Par for the course

  Pavlov's bell

  Put me on top


  Real bad news

  Red vines


  Save me

  Say anything

  Sign of love

  Stupid thing




  Take it back

  That's just what you are

  The fall of the world's own optimist

  The moth

  The other end

  This is how it goes

  Today's the day

  Voices carry

  Way back when

  Wise up

  You could make a killing

  You do

  You're with stupid now

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki